Can you ride the Zero FXS on an A2 licence?

Yes, you can ride the Zero FXS (2019 onwards) on an A2 motorbike licence. There is no restriction required, as the motorcycle is fully A2 licence compliant!

Zero FXS (2019 onwards) motorcycle

Zero FXS (2019 onwards)

Zero is back with another electric motorcycle and this time it is a supermoto bike. The Zero FXS is a lightweight multi-purpose motorcycle that is a supermoto version of the Zero FX dual-sport bike.

The Zero FXS has around 100 miles of city range, but only around 56 miles of highway range, which is not that much even for an electric motorcycle. Thanks to its maximum speed of 85 mph, you will have no problems riding it on highways.

Where the motorcycle truly shines is its versatility. It is suitable even for novice riders an you will be able to use it either as a short-distance city commuter, or a long-distance motorcycle. The bike is super light and easy to ride, yet extremely powerful and the acceleration is insane. Handling is also excellent and it is one of the most maneuverable electric motorcycles on the market.

If you are looking for a good all-around electric motorcycle that looks cool, is super-fun to ride and relatively affordable, then the Zero FXS is the one you are looking for!

A2 Licence Compliance

The Zero FXS is a 12V / 0cc A2-friendly bike. It has a power output of 34 kW (46 bhp), which is within the 35 kW (47 bhp) limit needed for an A2 licence. No restriction is required, as the bike is fully A2 licence compliant.

Engine typeElectric
Engine strokesBattery-Powered
Engine size12V / 0cc
Power output34 kW
Torque output78 ft-lb
Top speed85 mph
Horsepower46 bhp
Weight133 kg
Seat height836 mm
Front tyre size110/70-17
Rear tyre size140/70-17
Fuel tank size7.2 kWh / 0 litres
Fuel tank range56 miles
Fuel consumption7.5 mpg
Annual road tax£0
Overall rating