Can you ride the Yamaha MT-07 on an A2 licence?

Yes, you can ride the Yamaha MT-07 (2014 onwards) on an A2 motorbike licence. However, you will need to fit a restrictor kit to reduce its power output and make it A2 licence compliant!

Yamaha MT-07 (2014 onwards) motorcycle

Yamaha MT-07 (2014 onwards)

The Yamaha MT-07 is a refined bike with a “strong, linear torque” engine.

It has been engineered to give you the best that a bike can offer, in Yamaha’s new naked look, which Yamaha says was inspired by the Dark Side of Japan.

The MT-07 has become hugely popular with riders throughout Europe, and it has become very attractive to A2 licence holders, as with a restrictor, it can be ridden on an A2 licence.

The A2 licence allows you to ride bikes that produce no more than 35 kW of power (roughly 47 bhp), or a more powerful bike if you restrict it (but by no more than 50%). For more information about the A2 licence requirements, go to our A2 licence page.

Fortunately, the Yamaha MT-07 produces 55 kW / 74 bhp of power, meaning that if you use a restrictor kit to cut the power by 36%, you will be able to ride the Yamaha MT-07 on your A2 motorcycle licence.

The MT-07’s 689cc engine produces plenty of power, which can propel the bike up to a top speed of 130 mph (209 km/h).

Where practicality is concerned, the Yamaha MT-07’s fuel efficiency of 65 mpg (imperial) will take you 207 miles on the MT-07’s 14 litre tank.

Overall, Yamaha MT-07 is refined, agile, lightweight and provides you with plenty of speed. Most importantly, this bike can be ridden on an A2 licence AND has a lower price tag than many other bikes in the same class.

A2 Licence Compliance

The Yamaha MT-07 is a 689cc A2-friendly bike. It has a power output of 55 kW (74 bhp), which exceeds the 35 kW (47 bhp) limit needed for an A2 licence. The bike has to be restricted by at least 36.3% to become A2 licence compliant.

You will need a restrictor to ride the Yamaha MT-07 on an A2 motorbike licence. See the restrictor kits section to check out what restrictors are available for the Yamaha MT-07.

Engine typeParallel Twin
Engine strokes4-Stroke
Engine size689cc
Power output55 kW
Torque output50 ft-lb
Top speed130 mph
Horsepower74 bhp
Weight179 kg
Seat height805 mm
Front tyre size120/70-17
Rear tyre size180/55-17
Fuel tank size14 litres
Fuel tank range207 miles
Fuel consumption65 mpg
Oil capacity2.6 litres
Annual road tax£117
Overall rating