Can you ride the Yamaha MT-03 on an A2 license?

Yes, you can ride the Yamaha MT-03 (2020 onwards) on an A2 motorbike license.

Yamaha MT-03 (2020 onwards) motorcycle
Yamaha MT-03 motorcycleYamaha MT-03 motorcycleYamaha MT-03 motorcycle

Yamaha MT-03 (2020 onwards)

The new Yamaha MT-03 gets a stunningly stylish and more aggressive look while keeping its ease of ride that has made it so attractive to new riders and commuters.

The MT-03 is an A2 friendly bike, and in Yamaha’s eyes, it falls into their “Hyper Naked” segment of motorcycles.

Aside from the crazy new look that features predator-like front LED lights, the Yamaha MT-03 remains a reliable small capacity motorcycle. Powered by a 2-cylinder, 321cc engine, the Yamaha MT-03 produces 30.9 kW of power, is enough to fit it comfortably into A2 bike license category.

Although a smaller engine means A2 license holders can ride it, the sophisticated and refined engine at the heart of the MT-03 offers excellent fuel economy of 74mpg. In other words, the MT-03’s 14-litre tank will take you as far as an astonishing 228 miles.

Moreover, the smaller capacity Yamaha will be favoured by your bank account, as insurance premiums are significantly cheaper than Yamaha’s other bikes, such as the MT-07.

All this talk of the MT-03’s small capacity engine that’s great for commuting and around town, but the reality is that the MT-03 is a beast to ride.

The MT in the bike model name stands for “Master of Torque”, and on that point, the Yamaha MT-03 delivers. There’s plenty of torque there, and the bike is lightweight enough that it’s a thrill to ride and throw around bends – whether that’s on the way to work or on a weekend ride.

Overall, the MT-03 is a fantastic A2 motorbike, and we cannot recommend it enough. If you like the aggressive Yamaha looks, this is the bike to go for!


Specs for the Yamaha MT-03 (2020 onwards) motorbike.

Engine size321 cc
Power output30.9 kW
Power output41.4 bhp
Fuel tank size14 litres
Fuel tank range228 miles
Average fuel consumption74 mpg
Weight168 kg
Engine configurationInline 2
Stroke4 stroke
Torque output21.8 lb/ft
Seat height780 mm
Annual road tax£44

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