Can you ride the Suzuki SV650 on an A2 license?

Yes, you can ride the Suzuki SV650 (2016 onwards) on an A2 motorbike license.
However, you will need to a fit a restrictor.

Suzuki SV650 (2016 onwards) motorcycle
Suzuki SV650 motorcycleSuzuki SV650 motorcycleSuzuki SV650 motorcycle

Suzuki SV650 (2016 onwards)

The Suzuki SV650 is a fun naked bike that will appeal to new A2 license riders but will also give more experienced riders a thrill too.

The SV650 is more refined than the previous model, has impressive new features and will also undercut its main rivals on price.

Whether you read reviews, watch videos or talk to motorcycle instructors, you’ll find that the Suzuki SV650 is well-liked and highly recommended. That’s because the SV650 is a great all-rounder; it’s torquey, reliable (it has been around for 16 years), offers great build quality and the running costs of the SV650 are low thanks to its simplicity, low miles-per-gallon and cheap servicing.

The Suzuki SV650 makes a great A2 bike, but keep in mind that you need to restrict this SV650 model by 37.5% down to the required 35kW for the A2 license. The benefit of this is that once you replace your A2 license with a full motorcycle license you will be unlocking 27 bhp of power, and won’t have the need to upgrade from your A2 SV650 motorbike.

It’s practically impossible to find something that’s not to like about the SV650! Here’s a review by The Missenden Flyer:

You will need a restrictor to ride the Suzuki SV650 on an A2 license. See the Suzuki SV650 specifications table for restriction info, and the restrictor kits section to see what restrictors are available for the Suzuki SV650.


Specs for the Suzuki SV650 (2016 onwards) motorbike.

Power to weight0.28 kW/kg
Restriction Required37.5% (to restrict to 35kW)
Top speed130 mph
Engine size645 cc
Power output56.0 kW
Power output75.1 bhp
Fuel tank size13.8 litres
Fuel tank range149 miles
Average fuel consumption70.6 mpg
Weight198 kg
Engine configurationV-Twin
Stroke4 stroke
Torque output47.2 lb/ft
Seat height785 mm
Annual road tax£93
Featured insurance providerFeatured insurance provider
Featured insurance providerFeatured insurance provider

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