Can you ride the Honda CB1100 on an A2 license?

Yes, you can ride the Honda CB1100 (2013 onwards) on an A2 motorbike license.
However, you will need to a fit a restrictor.

Honda CB1100 (2013 onwards) motorcycle

Honda CB1100 (2013 onwards)

A boxy, but good lucking Honda with a 1140cc engine that’s easy to handle, new-rider friendly and offers briliant handling.

You will need a restrictor to ride the Honda CB1100 on an A2 license. See the Honda CB1100 specifications table for restriction info, and the restrictor kits section to see what restrictors are available for the Honda CB1100.


Specs for the Honda CB1100 (2013 onwards) motorbike.

Restriction Required47% (to restrict to 35kW)
Top speed125 mph
Engine size1140 cc
Power output66 kW
Power output88 bhp
Fuel tank size14.6 litres
Fuel tank range150 miles
Average fuel consumption46 mpg
Weight247 kg
Engine configurationInline 4
Stroke4 stroke
Torque output68 lb/ft
Seat height795 mm
Annual road tax£93
Featured insurance providerFeatured insurance provider
Featured insurance providerFeatured insurance provider

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