Supermoto motorbikes you can ride on an A2 license

At its core, a supermoto is essentially an off-road dirt bike that has been modified for road use. Supermoto bikes usually have sport tyres and different suspension so that the supermoto motorbike can take part in supermoto racing. A supermoto is ideal for A2 riders, as they’re light, nimble machines that can take jumps, ride trails, and corner at insane lean angles

Beta Alp 350 (2003 onwards) motorcycle
Beta Alp 350
2003 onwards 27 bhp
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CCM 604 (1998 - 2002) motorcycle
CCM 604
1998 - 2002 52 bhp
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CCM R30 (2001 onwards) motorcycle
2001 onwards 53 bhp
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KTM Duke 620 (1994 - 2006) motorcycle
KTM Duke 620
1994 - 2006 55 bhp
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