Can you ride the Benelli BN600 on an A2 licence?

Yes, you can ride the Benelli BN600 (2014 onwards) on an A2 motorbike licence. However, you will need to fit a restrictor kit to reduce its power output and make it A2 licence compliant!

Benelli BN600 (2014 onwards) motorcycle

Benelli BN600 (2014 onwards)

The Benelli BN600 is another affordable street bike coming from the famous Italian/Chinese manufacturer. Although it might not be as popular as some other models from this brand, the BN600 has some interesting features to offer.

Compared to some other bikes from the same lineup, such as the Benelli BN251 and BN302, it definitely feels much bigger and heavier. The engine of the BN600 is powerful enough for daily commuting, but it is nothing special at higher speeds. The handling is relatively good, but the fuelling is not as consistent as it should be. Therefore, the riding experience might be not as smooth as you would expect from a street bike.

Nevertheless, it is still a good motorcycle, especially when you consider its entry-level price tag. If you are looking for a beginner-friendly A2 bike that looks good and offers a great value for money, then the Benelli BN600 will be a good choice for you.

A2 Licence Compliance

The Benelli BN600 is a 600cc A2-friendly bike. It has a power output of 60 kW (80 bhp), which exceeds the 35 kW (47 bhp) limit needed for an A2 licence. The bike has to be restricted by at least 41.6% to become A2 licence compliant.

You will need a restrictor to ride the Benelli BN600 on an A2 motorbike licence. See the restrictor kits section to check out what restrictors are available for the Benelli BN600.

Engine typeInline 4
Engine strokes4-Stroke
Engine size600cc
Power output60 kW
Torque output38 ft-lb
Top speed118 mph
Horsepower80 bhp
Weight220 kg
Seat height800 mm
Front tyre size120/70-17
Rear tyre size180/55-17
Fuel tank size15 litres
Fuel tank range200 miles
Fuel consumption40 mpg
Oil capacity3.2 litres
Annual road tax£84
Overall rating