A2 Bikes

Find the best motorbikes for your A2 licence by searching our database of A2 compliant motorcycles.

Our database has 334 bikes that can be ridden on an A2 licence in the UK and EU.

Best A2 Bikes of 2022

The best A2 bikes in our database of A2 motorbikes. Here are our top 6 most popular A2 bikes of 2022. They are ideal for new and experienced A2 licence motorcycle riders, offering reliability, lots of fun and performance – exactly what an A2 bike should be.

Newly Added A2 Bikes

Our latest A2 bikes are made up of newly released A2 compliant motorbikes and other 35 kW motorcycles. Our database also includes motorcycles which can be restricted from up to 70 kW to 35 kW to make them compliant with the A2 licence requirements.

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What Are A2 Bikes?

A2 bikes are motorbikes that can be ridden on an A2 motorcycle licence in the UK and EU. These bikes are great for all beginner motorcycle riders.

An A2 motorcycle licence will allow you to ride a motorcycle with power that doesn’t exceed 35 kW (47 bhp) or 0.2 kW per kilogram of motorcycle weight. However, with a restrictor kit, you can ride motorbikes that are up to 70 kW, as long as you fit a restrictor. Learn more about the A2 licence.

The A2 Bikes database has the best A2 bikes of 2022 that can be ridden without a restrictor (under 35 kW) and motorbikes that require an A2 restrictor (under 70 kW). Each of our A2 bikes has images, descriptions, specs, reviews, links to restrictors, where to buy and best insurance websites.

No matter how tall you are and what type of bike you’re looking for, you’ll find a variety of A2 bikes offering speed and performance, buckets of fun, off-road capabilities, as well as some more relaxed and economical A2 bikes.

A2 Licence Training Schools

Search our database of 428 fully-qualified motorbike instructors and A2 motorcycle training schools in the UK to start learning how to ride a motorbike and get your A2 motorcycle licence.

Motorcycle MOT Stations

Find an A2 bike MOT station near you! View and browse all 3171 motorbike MOT stations in the UK. Motorcycle MOT stations are places where you can take your A2 bike for an MOT test.